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Mention a home remedy to any doctor and you are likely to find that it is dismissed out of hand as an 'old wives's tale'. And yet those very doctors are the product of thousands of years of someone's home remedy. That is to say, every single group of humans, from hunter-gathering tribes to high civilization, practice some form of home remedy some of the time.

Science is now starting to catch up to some of what has been known for thousands of years. True, sometimes it is likely a psychological placebo effect that accelerates healing. But for those of us seeking a cure to what ails us, that is good enough. Beyond the mere placebo, however, much is being discovered about many of the remarkable properties contained in all kinds of plants, and their incredible affect on our health.

Anxiety Treatment
The demand for anxiety treatment is getting greater as increasing number of people in the developing world is found suffering from this devastating condition. A rough estimate predicts that 25% of
Anti Aging Treatment
A topic that always makes the headlines is anti aging treatment. From earliest times, women and men have desired to preserve their youthful looks as far as possible. Now, we have a youth-oriented

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