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In contrast to its name, heartburn is in no way connected with the heart. The ache that heartburn produces, though, is in the chest region, and hence supposedly the condition's name. Even though heartburn displays the symptoms of a disease, it is not one. Instead, it is a dietary condition, which most people suffer from occasionally. Many people who suffer heartburn can track it down to certain foods, which they feel caused it. However, there are also principal problems at the root of heartburn. Sometimes, modifying routine serves as a natural cure for heartburn, by itself.

What is Heartburn?

Heartburn is a condition, wherein the stomach's acids rise up into the esophagus and produce a burning sensation. The only body organ lined with tissue tough enough to resist the strong acids needed to breakdown foods, is the stomach. At both ends of the stomach, there is a muscle known as sphincter that helps keep the stomach 'closed' when the acid is at work. The Lower Esophageal Sphincter generally prevents these acids from entering the esophagus, but at times acid splashes up into it, thus resulting in heartburn. In case the condition is unrelenting, it is usually called Acid Reflux Disease, and at times Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

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What Causes Heartburn?

Three main factors are there that play a role in heartburn: The kind of foods we consume, the way we consume it, and our general body health.

Now, people who adhere to a balanced diet with lots of vegetables and foods with high-fiber, consume lots of water, exercise regularly, take smaller portions spread right through the day, and sleep well do not experience heartburn frequently, if at all they do. Certain foods are believed to have the ability to produce heartburn. This is no way means you will inevitably suffer heartburn when consuming these foods; it is simply that the possibility exists. Common foods that cause heartburn are listed below:
Carbonated drinks
Dairy products
Processed meats
Citrus fruits & juices
Extremely fatty foods
Spicy foods

Natural Remedy for Heartburn: Steps to Follow

Now, the best natural cure for heartburn, produced by particular foods, is to just stay away from consuming those foods. Sporadic heartburn can easily be tracked down to particular foods, simply by reassessing what was consumed that day. Maintaining notes on your dietary patterns for some weeks will also disclose food patterns that are producing heartburn. In case your heartburn is unrelenting, there may be other factors at work.

A major factor in causing heartburn is stress. Exercise is an excellent stress reliever, besides contributing to general health. Another good stress reduction method is meditation, and it can be practiced whenever you have some time.

Consuming lots of water right through the day is an essential measure too, which can check heartburn. However, never drink lots of water while eating or just after a meal. This causes the enzymes and acids needed to breakdown food in the stomach to be diluted, resulting in digestion problems. Consume modest meals that are digested easily. Never eat so much that you feel uneasy. Moreover, take a meal much before going to bed, and never immediately recline after eating. Besides, it is imperative to see that the esophagus is kept straight when digestion is taking place. In case you are seated, maintain an erect posture. Never slump on the sofa or chair after a meal.

Natural Remedy for Heartburn: Home Remedies

Folk remedies are thoughts and beliefs passed down the ages. At times, they are known as 'Old Wives's Tales' so as to disgrace them. However, most of these remedies have proved successful over the years. Just try them out and ascertain what is good for you.

Take some water with a little vinegar in it prior to taking food. The vinegar reinforces the lower esophageal sphincter's muscles.
Pineapple slices and juice counteracts the acids in the stomach. A dash of lemon in a glass of water will also raise alkalinity (although it being citrus). Also of great help is cottage cheese.
Eating shredded raw potatoes is also considered helpful. Oatmeal, which has good absorption qualities, will sop up extra acid. Drinking marshmallow root tea too, is considered an excellent natural cure for heartburn.

Papaya is also known to increase alkalinity thereby counteracting acids. Soda bicarbonate, the chief ingredient in antacids, may be dissolved in a glass of water and is considered extremely effective in treating heartburn symptoms.

It is imperative to keep in mind that such methods treat heartburn symptoms, but not the root cause. Pursue the above steps and for sure, you can do away with all these natural heartburn remedies.
There is a strong requirement for a natural heartburn remedy; worldwide, there are millions suffering from heartburn. The fact is that in a majority of cases, this condition is produced by bad diet and eating patterns and is quite avoidable. Regrettably, many people just are not keen to give up their routine.

In North America, There is a television commercial, which shows a man with the latest anti acid medicine, looking forward to reverting to his old unhealthy (junk food) lifestyle. Many westerners possess this typical attitude: I will take a pill to feel better but I won�t give up my habits. However, at times, there is a dire need to modify habits to resolve problems. This is definitely the case with natural heartburn remedy.