Anxiety Treatment

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The demand for anxiety treatment is getting greater as increasing number of people in the developing world is found suffering from this devastating condition. A rough estimate predicts that 25% of Americans need treatment for anxiety sometime in their life. Anxiety causes hypertension or high blood pressure that can cause acute health problems. Anxiety treatment can effectively lower hypertension and thereby improve general health. But, pharmaceutical industry and modern medicine have joined hands and has labeled anxiety a curable disease by the use of drugs they profit selling you. The truth though is that starts by looking after ourselves both mentally and physically and being healthy in general. With the improvement in health, anxiety symptoms fade away, and no side effects of using drugs are there.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is a recurring condition, which develops from low stress levels to a full-blown anxiety attack. The attack symptoms of anxiety can be very scary to the person undergoing it. Hot flashes, heart palpitations, breathing difficulty, giddiness, and instability are the usual feelings. Some common symptoms also include facial swelling, heavy sweating, and breaking out in hives. Digestion is affected, and there is bloating and cramps too. Headaches, nausea, chest pain, dilation of the pupils, tingling sensations, and chills are some other symptoms. In addition to these emotional symptoms of threat, dread, panic, the needs to escape and feeling overwhelmed makes it a serious set of symptom. Therefore, the anxiety treatment has so much demand.

Anxiety Treatment
The demand for anxiety treatment is getting greater as increasing number of people in the developing world is found suffering from this devastating condition. A rough estimate predicts that 25% of
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Medical Treatment for Anxiety

The regular remedy by medical practitioners is to prescribe anxiolytics and anti depressants usually in the form of Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Numerous brands are associated with SRI medication and are often useful in working on several symptoms. The issue however is that these drugs can become addictive, and have plenty of side effects associated, some of which are more dangerous than anxiety itself. In addition, the withdrawal effects while coming out of the anti depressants last from several weeks to even months. Sadly, though the medical practitioners do not tell patients about the withdrawal symptoms and side effects of these drugs before prescribing them, and that exist.

Alternative Anxiety Treatment

Hypnotherapy is an effective anxiety treatment methodology. By inducing deep relaxation through hypnotherapy, and implanting positive suggestions and images into the subconscious, the effect can extend beyond the therapy session. This process does not have side effects and chemicals too are not absorbed by the body. Besides symptomatic relief, hypnotherapy lays the basis for an overall change in thinking leading to better physical condition with desires to exercise and consume healthy food. Every element is part of a complete plan to increase the overall health of the patient and help reduce anxiety completely.

Herbal based treatment of anxiety
Some herbs are known to have calming effect with out side effects. They do not have addictive qualities unlike the synthetic chemicals. Lemon Balm, Catnip, Ginseng, Valerian, Kava Kava, St. John's Wort, Bugleweed, and Chamomile are all used successfully to treat anxiety and stress. These herbs are freely available often at grocery, departmental stores or, health food stores. Since prescriptions are not required, attempting to use the herbal remedy should be the first option rather than using harsh chemicals in the anxiety treatment process.

Treatment of anxiety by exercise and diet
Since anxiety is a bio-chemical condition, medical professional try to control it with synthetic chemicals. However, the best way to affect biochemistry is to eat healthy and get to do a lot of exercise. Sadly, the regular diet is very poor leading to obesity, poor physical fitness, and anxiety. Regular B complex supplements along with plenty of fruits and green vegetables are the recommended diet. 

Anxiety is a bio-chemical condition, which is why the medical establishment likes to try to control it with synthetic chemicals. However, one of the best ways to affect biochemistry, with only positive side effects, is to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. B vitamins assist in the development of neurotransmitters, which manages the communication system in the brain, and are essential for mood and functioning of the brain. Particularly for women calcium is a good supplement and should be consumed for  anxiety treatment.

Getting over toxic foods such as caffeine and activities like smoking can also help in improving anxiety symptoms. Physical exercises not just reduce stress but also help in digestion, circulation, flexibility, and breathing, creating the best health and eliminating anxiety.

Since anxiety can become a very serious condition, the need for its therapy is very high. However, not being a disease that is contracted like the flu, though the medical industry projects it as such, it is important to treat anxiety as a symptom of lifestyle, rather than taking drugs that often have side effects and are addictive. Changes to lifestyle and following a can completely eradicate the debilitating symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.

To have anxiety go away, develop healthy life style choices, and act on those choices. In severe conditions, anti-depressants can be used to ease the symptoms and return to a healthy practice. But it is also important to get out from the drug and disallow the side effects to create symptoms, we were trying to get rid of initially. The best way to begin is to take a serious view on your personal health and to make it a priority. Just by staying healthy, the society can get rid of many chronic diseases that it suffers today.