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For scores of people across the globe, especially middle-aged and elderly people who lead a relaxed life, hemorrhoids are an awkward and discomfiting fact of life. The can range from topical salves to surgical procedures, based on the seriousness of the case. Western medicine chiefly focuses on the symptoms, quite disregarding the causal factors. Fortunately, hemorrhoids can usually be checked by some preventive measures.

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What are Hemorrhoids?

Also called Piles, hemorrhoids are distended veins that stick out within the rectum. Hemorrhoids produce a burning and painful feeling in the rectum, cause distress while sitting, and render bowel movements very disagreeable. It is stated that in North America, nearly 85% of the aged population need hemorrhoids treatment eventually. Hemorrhoids are attributable to prolonged sitting and standing, making a great effort while having bowel movements due to constipation, picking up of bulky stuff in a way that creates excessive strain in the rectum, or perhaps it is hereditary.

Hemorrhoids Treatment

Today, a wide range of is available, from naturopath holistic methods to the common Western medical approach. Every treatment comes with its own risk level, cost, and success rate. An overview is given below:

Medical Hemorrhoids Treatment

A topical cream is a widely used hemorrhoids treatment, which eases the swelling. Different brand names are available for over-the-counter, as well as a few creams against a prescription. Slightly more invasive methods cover cryogenic freezing, known as 'scelerotherapy', performed by injecting into the hemorrhoid directly. A further surgical method involves using a rubber band ligature that discontinues circulation to the hemorrhoids. Subsequently they either drop or are removed.

Acupuncture Hemorrhoids Treatment

Practiced for innumerable years in China, acupuncture is a form of healing. Acupuncture concerns the body's central nervous system. It operates by concentrating on the patient's overall health and immune system, instead of particular symptoms. A fairly effective way of healing hemorrhoids is acupuncture hemorrhoids treatment.

Herbal Hemorrhoids Treatment

An herbal when used, should begin by soaking warmly in a sitz bath or bath. The addition of epsom salts helps lessen the distension. The properties of the Japanese Pagoda tree are supposed to toughen vein walls, and make circulation better.

Horse chestnut and Bioflavonoids also have a favorable effect on hemorrhoids. Once the bath is over, the herbal ointment can be smeared topically on the hemorrhoids and allowed to remain all night.

Hemorrhoids and Diet

While deciding on a successful hemorrhoids treatment, nothing is better than paying attention to diet. The reason for this is that most hemorrhoids arise because of exerting pressure during constipation, and this is caused due to poor nutrition. The first rule is drink lots of water. Many Americans are constantly dehydrated, and are not conscious of it. Rule two is to consume a fiber rich diet. Good sources of fiber are beets, psyllium seeds, green beans, cabbage, oats, and citrus fruits. Any good vegetable diet is okay.

Another very effective method is to consume 1-2 tbsp. of flax seed oil everyday and sip mild chamomile tea, which regulates naturally. In case of severe constipation, laxatives can be availed of, but they should not be regularly taken.

Hemorrhoids are a regular affair, but can be prevented in many cases. The best hemorrhoids treatment involves focusing on the diet, and ensuring to take lots of fiber and drink lots of water. Avail of relaxing baths and herbal cures to relieve abrupt symptoms. However, in the future, a nutritious diet proves very successful in hemorrhoids treatment.

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