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Vitamin and herbs play an important part in natural health and treatment. Vitamins and minerals are crucial components to the functioning of the body. Whereas food is the fuel that is burned to provide energy for the body, vitamins and minerals are critical to cell functions. Sometimes only minute quantities are required, especially with minerals. Known as "trace minerals", literally barely trace elements are all that is needed to provide what the body needs for proper functioning. But without any of these micronutrients, the body will begin to breakdown as the cells are unable to operate in the manner they need to for optimum health.

Herbs are derived from plants, and have all kinds of wonderful qualities that we can take advantage of to cure ourselves of disease, relax and soothe, or simply help aid our bodies to function. There are thousands of herbs and herb combinations that have been experimented with throughout the history of mankind. It is only in recent years that the Western medical establishment once again welcomed some herbs into the pantheon of curatives. Synthetic drugs can often be more damaging than the condition which they are attempting to cure, but that is rarely the case with herbs.

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